Search Insight

Search Insight is a platform built for information discovery on large enterprise search applications for corporations and information product suppliers. The big data repositories of today contain both structured and unstructured data.  Even though these data stores are becoming easier than ever to create with big data frameworks, the delivery platform for providing insights with easy to use functions are not that prevalent. Common web like functions like keyword search and navigational filtering on results are at the core of this easy to use tool.

High Level Features

  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Sub-second response time even on complex aggregations
  • Structured and unstructured data
  • Effective keyword and navigational search
  • Multi-dimensional search and analytics
  • Scalable to hundreds of millions of records

Customer Applications

  • Information providers
    Will be able to sell subscription access to your information products with an easy to use, highly functional user interface on a highly scalable platform. Customers will be able to generate counts, pull datasets themselves and even do aggregations on various measures to ensure they are getting the market coverage they want.
  • Customer Service
    can have access to ALL of your customer data in ONE place, combining powerful search with the ability to create charts and dashboards for detailed analytics that can be shared.
  • Enterprise Knowledge Management
    The platform allows you to search access data from your ERP, CRM, emails and financial system data to gain insights across your organization all in one place.
  • Customers
    can be empowered by knowledge bases on many different content sets. Customers can also receive real-time charts, interactive reports and dashboards on the state of the engagement.

Product Features

The user application is both simple and powerful. By using the Insight Intelligence engine, users are able to create charts and dashboards with ease. Collaboration and sharing insightful content is a click away.

Search and Results

Searching is very easy with our SaaS based search platform. Web like functions like keyword search and navigational filtering on results allows users to search structured and unstructured data, ask and answer what, if scenarios.

All of the options are exposed to the user in a clear and understandable way. If a user wants to measure counts or dollars or whatever, it is just a click away.

Filters to Refine Scope

Filters are so easy to set. When clicked, the filter options opens a new window pop up allowing the user to search for whatever they want or just click on the items they wish to include.

The user has complete control to select complex search terms with the great “type ahead” feature. The user always knows what they have selected and their remaining options.

Charts/ Dashboards

Create a unique set of charts dashboards for each person in your organization.

Create a dashboard by easily grouping your data – your users quickly get a timely snapshot of areas of interest to maximize operations, web usage statistics, sales data and product usage. The application makes it easy to find the unlimited number of charts and dashboards.  Once created, dashboards can be downloaded and shared.

Technology You Can Count On

Insight is powered by the world class Insight Intelligence Engine. This engine can intake data from ANY raw source—from log files, customer files, and billing databases to CRM data—and normalize, tag and organize this typically hard-to-combine data in new and unique ways. The Intelligence Engine then ports this information, in real-time, into the SaaS-based Insight platform— providing multi-dimensional analysis, visualization, charting and deep analytics that makes Insight valuable to subscription businesses.

The cloud based big data technology architecture enables access to information that is fault tolerant, flexible and scalable. Using server clusters and scalable search tools, the application is very responsive and facilitates data discovery at the speed of thought. Access to data can be shared with other enterprise applications through the standard REST API while charts and dashboards can be shared in native form via JavaScript APIs. The architecture scales up from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of records.

About Insight

Insight, a SaaS-based business intelligence technology platform,which helps companies achieve greater profitability and revenue by unlocking hidden insight within data and information assets. The insight technology leverages typically hard-to-combine data including log files, customer files, billing databases and CRM data to deliver unique multi-dimensional analysis and visualization for its customers. The company offers five real-time solutions: Enterprise Insight360, Sales Rep Insight, Prospecting Insight, Search Insight and Audience Insight360.