We conduct different analysis consultation services that are matched with the client’s requirements.

  • Business Analysis: This analysis study includes all business executive needs, objectives, analytics, processes, projects, and software applications that cover all core business departments to identify the best tools, utilities, studies, and applications for the business. The business analysis study recommends the best relationship between core business departments through technology tools and applications.
  • Requirements Analysis: The requirements analysis study covers specific business needs that could be done by one business software applications. The requirements analysis will include all users’ requirements including look-and-feel GUI interface, outputs, reports, and input data types. Recommendations about the best way to implement this application including the Off-The-Shelf (OTS) products with or without customizations or the tailored made applications.
  • Process Analysis: Since the Business Process is a key element for any business, it is extremely important to analysis all or some of the business processes to manage them in a better way. Business Process Management (BPM) best practices are taking into considerations with and without the OTS tools that handle this area.
  • Gap-Fit Analysis: The Gap-Fit Analysis is required when there is an existing business application that does not meet the users’ requirements. In this case, we study this application in relation with the users stories to identify the gaps and the best methodology to fit this gap with less cost, less time, better benefits, and smooth transition.