This leads to several Advisory Services that fit your organization and achieve the business goals.

  • Enterprise Search Advisory: Within this advisory service, we conduct a deep market research on the best Enterprise Search Engines and compare their features against the client’s business requirements keep into consideration the client’s information sources and targets. At the end of this service, the client will have all the required information to develop comprehensive business requirements to select the best Enterprise Search technology and the implementation methodology.
  • Business Intelligence Advisory: Several BI tools are in the market and vary in their features, costs, and technologies. After collecting the client’s requirements, extensive research is conducted covering open source and commercial BI tools to develop detail business requirements in order to help in selecting the best BI tools and technologies and the implementation methodology.
  • Proof-Of-Concept Trials: Our POC services must include a sample data and sample business functions to meet sample business requirements. The client has to see and feel the inputs, the outputs, and the benefits of the technology in the business. This will help the client to make the right decisions regarding the technologies, the methodology, the framework, the scope of the projects, the master plans, and other factors.
  • Best Technologies and Tools: These advisory services focus only to select the best technologies and software application tools to meet the business goals and to fulfill the business requirements. The technologies include but not limited to the Business Intelligence tools and Enterprise Search engines. The technologies could cover the infrastructure, the programming languages, the development frameworks, the security frameworks, the extensive requirements such as scalability, high availability, multi-processing, cloud ability, and others.
  • Technology Comparisons: Upon client’s request, more deep and extensive comparative technologies comparisons are conducted covering more than what is in the white and research papers. This service covers all product features, specifications, requirements, roadmaps, outputs and outcomes. Again, the technologies could vary between different types and not limited to the BI tools and the Enterprise Search engines.
  • Application Planning and Design: Upon the completion of the assessment phase, the analysis phase, the advisory phase including the POC services, we will be able to plan and design the application inside-out in more details and up to the field level. We use standard formats and templates in order to hand them to the developer for implementation.