Insight products are powered by the world class Insight Intelligence Engine. This engine can intake data from ANY raw source—from log files, customer files, and billing databases to CRM data—and normalize, tag and organize this typically hard-to-combine data in new and unique ways. The Intelligence Engine then ports this information, in real-time, into the SaaS-based Insight platform— providing multi-dimensional analysis, visualization, charting and deep analytics that makes Insight so valuable to subscription businesses.

The cloud based big data technology architecture enables access to information that is fault tolerant, flexible and salable. Using server clusters and salable search tools, the application responds and facilitates data discovery at the speed of thought. Access to data can be shared with other enterprise applications through the platform’s standard REST API while charts and dashboards can be shared in native form via JavaScript APIs. The architecture scales up from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of records.

Big Data Technology to ensure data is in the right place and the right time. Advanced Insight supports these data technology:

  • A wide range of data streaming and data processing tools
  • Support for numerous data stores: SQL, NoSQL, Redshift Data Warehouse and search engines.