Data Management

As with most applications, the core of a powerful application starts with the data. Along with our services, we normally provide you with Data Quality and Management Services.

  • Data Modeling: It is a conceptual representation of data structures required for a database and is a powerful tool to represent the business requirements. A data model represents the nature of the data, the business rules that govern the data, and how the data is organized and structured. In most of the times, data models are also developed to normalize the data for OLAP business analytics actions. A data model consists of two models: A logical and a physical data model. A logical data model represents the business requirements of an organization and is developed before the physical data model where a physical data model includes the specifications of the tables, the columns, the entity relationships, and the databases required features. In Advanced Search, we conduct an extensive data analysis during the Data Modeling Services to design the physical and the logical data models that will be suitable for OLTP and/or OLAP actions.
  • Data Cleansing: Cleaning the data from any corrupt and unnecessary information, correcting the miss-spelling or typo mistakes, making the data formats consistent, or completing missing data are all data cleansing actions. While Advanced Search is aware and knowledgeable of several data cleansing tools, we provide our recommendations and hence our data cleansing services after conducting the extensive data analysis services.
  • Data Quality: Your data may be modeled properly and cleaned correctly but your business applications and processes are not maintained this data in the original good shape. Three data quality services should be applied in order to keep this data correct, accurate, complete, consistent and uniform. These services are the validation, the verification, and the integrity. Advanced Search provides the recommendations to design the best processes and to select the right tools and applications to maintain your data.
  • Data Migration and Integration: If your data is now correct, accurate, complete, consistent and uniform as well as maintainable, and you need to integrate your data with another data set. In this case, the data should be Extracted, Transformed, and Loaded to the new data pool/store and gets integrated with the new data set. This type of data management services is called ETL and could be conducted by Advanced Search using different well-known ETL tools in the market.